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         Romina Gürkan Saul

         Architecture Student

            Ilgaz Baykal 

    Industrial Engineering 

        Lena Gürkan Saul

       Architecture Student


We are a group of students from the Technical University of Eindhoven. With three students from Architecture and one from Psychology & Technology we want to create a safe environment for those who desire so.

In the fall of 2018, our group came together for the first time to discuss what we were going to do for our Honors Project. As students at the Technical University of Eindhoven, were are all inrolled in the Honors Academy program offered by our university, where we represent the top 10% of Dutch students.

All four of us had individually chosen to help out a lady suffering from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). As we went to meet with Nanny van Hese, we learned of her moving story about how she discovered she suffered from EHS. It has caused her to move out of her home and into a caravan in the backyard, after numerous attempts to shield the house themselves. But she is not the only individual suffering from this disease. 

A few weeks later we met with Martine Vriens, a friend of Nanny who also suffers from EHS. Martine's father, a former physician, built her a house in his backyard that was protected from EMF. The house was made out of wood protected by a layer of aluminium between the walls. Furthermore there were a lot of small details like protected wires and DC electricity that made it possible for Martine to live there. While sleeping in the basement with optimal shielding, she had recovered so much since she lived there, that she was even able to use a specialized computer again, and watch tv. Martine also had a little son who could use his computer connected to an ethernet cable and the protected wires. Special sockets were used to reduce the "dirty electricity".

After our meetings with Nanny and Martine, we went to work ourselves, researching EHS, EMF-protected houses that were already built, and materials that we could use for our house. We came in contact with a few specialists, like Marcel Honsbeek, who had already built an EMF-protected house. We learned quite some things from him and we intend to continue our collaboration with him, where he can guide and advise us.

In the spring of 2019, we inquired for a collaboration with Innovation Space, a community and facility on the Tu/e that supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship. They have already a number of teams in their community including Team Casa, who are building a Comfortable, Affordable and Sustainable Alternative for housing in the Netherlands, and Team Solid, who are realising a circular power station using iron a sustainable energy carrier, and many more.

We are looking forward to our collaboration in the new educational year, and are hoping to gain more team members, as well as more knowledge and guidance.

Roxane Wijnen

Psychology & Technology Student

Leticija Petrova

Architecture Student

Kendal Varolgünes

Architecture Student

Tiffany Lin

Architecture Student

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