Where are we now?

Our team has just started a collaboration with Innovation Space. Here we intend to start working on a small prototype wall to test different kinds of radiations and see which materials we want to continue working on. Next to that, we want to make a small-scale prototype to test radiation in different rooms.

We are working on setting up different collaborations with organizations that can help us further, as well as are we trying to expand our team.

Team Layer Meetings


12:30 pm

Every Monday we have official team meetings with all of the team members. We discuss the relevant issues and the necessary tasks we need to execute. These meetings are beneficial to discuss the design of the project and the business plan.

Design Background


10:00 am

The design created by Team Layer focuses on everybody, starting from people who are already affected by Electromagnetic fields and people who want to have a healthy environment. 

The main goal is to create a highly shielded, affordable, and user shaped building detailing methodology that can further work as a standardized method for protecting houses from EMF. The prototype to execute the measurements and testing is aimed to be a transportable and modular design.

Design concepts include:

  • a highly shielded house 

  • a comfortable living environment appropriate for the 21st century, meaning possible use of modern devices.

Therefore a modular system was favored in order to separate the “working and electromagnetic active zone” where all the technical installations were placed as well as the “resting and electromagnetic free zone”. This approach allows for living with your loved ones and being able to completely recover in your bedroom and living room while also having work done in the working zone and kitchen. 

The modular design was chosen for easy construction, transportability and adaptable design with the sustainable and lightweight timber structure.

Technical Background


13:30 am

The main mission of our team is to create a standardized method of shielding a house via scientific research and an extensive inventory of building materials. The process of shielding is a complex process that requires a detailed understanding of the user’s needs and technical requirements.

To create a comfortable environment inside the house for a family, we have to enable the usage of the house for daily activities while establishing a healthy environment without electromagnetic radiation entering the house. At the same time, the process of shielding has to be affordable for different income backgrounds, which are challenged by the required shielding types needed for different frequency ranges. The integration of these two aspects leads to limiting the shielding for a certain range without losing the quality of a healthy environment. The frequencies are chosen based on the density, effects, ability to penetrate a distance of the certain electric field frequencies. The magnetic field range is eliminated due to the obstacles of the shielding, which would not be beneficial enough for the comfort inside the house compared to the overall installation and price.

After setting the focus of the research, a list of formulas and methods is gathered to analyze the efficiency of the building materials used for our standardized shielding. The calculations and adaptations of the material are to achieve the values that are set by SBM2015, which is a widely used and approved standard by the experts. Overall, the process of scientific research shapes the design decisions on the detailing of the building elements.

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