EMF-Protected Housing

An important amount of evidence has been collected showing that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) affects pain sensitivity (nociception) and pain inhibition (analgesia). The number of people who are suffering from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is increasing every year all over the world.


The latest research concerning the consequences of EHS sufferers' lives and the low EMF exposure building standards in the Netherlands (compared to other European countries such as Switzerland, Austria etc.), motivated our team to try to find a solution. Our aim is to build a house that has high-quality protection from EMF and less emission in the house with a design based on the comfort of daily life quality.

Our target group would be everyone – from people who want to be protected from EMF to people with an EHS condition and their family. The ideal end result would be a minimum amount of EMF in the house, the necessary amount of daily electronic appliances, affordable design, and user-friendly spatial organization.


Our project is one of the first attempts where EMF-shielding is kept in mind from the beginning of the design phase until the very end.


We are doing our best to design a safe and protected environment for individuals and families to live. Walls, windows and junctions are protected with layers to ensure no radiation from entering the house. All equipment and cables are protected by special materials to keep indoor radiation from bouncing.


Living in an EMF-free environment while having all the comforts of a normal house hold. The houses still contain all utilities in a protected manner. Think about television, computers, kitchen apparatus etc.


To achieve this kind of housing for all individuals, it needs to be affordable. All materials are chosen in an efficient and cost reducing way.


The household is user-friendly towards the family. The fact that not everyone is affected in taken into account, and the house is organized in such a way that everyone feels comfortable.

Proposed Solution

Innovative materials for shielding from EMF are a researched topic. However, the findings lead to expensive methods which people who suffer from EHS cannot afford. One of these causes is that they have to quit their jobs because of their health issues that are caused by EHS.


Our team is proposing to do in-depth material research guided by professionals (building biologists, physicists, architects, engineers). Here affordable shielding materials are compared depending on their shielding strength and price. We are trying to incorporate shielding in the load-bearing structure of the house and also throughout detailing. We want to create a house that has high-quality EMF protection that is based on material research, electric and magnetic field measurements, cost approximation and advice from specialists.


The goal is to protect the house from the outer EMF exposure as well as decrease amount of radiation created within the house from the electronic tools that are used. We want to incorporate spaces where electrical devices can be used and a recovery space where there is the highest protection provided. In the end, we want to create a house that consists of all the qualities that a regular house offers, however, with an added value - protection from EMF.  


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In order to reach the goal of accomplishing our proposed solution, extensive research was made about the range of frequencies that should be shielded. This research was concluded by the frequencies between 3kHz and 30 GHz since the appliances that are found in the everyday life of people fall inside that frequency range. For this value, the European powerline frequency of 50Hz was not taken into account since this powerline is used as an alternating current. This means that this frequency is not radiating much electromagnetic field but it is used by the appliances that are plugged in.


            Knowing which frequencies should be shielded, a design of a modular and transportable unit was made. This design had four main themes, which were: electromagnetic shielding, using materials that are multiple chemical sensitivity friendly, affordable design, modular and transportable design that can be adapted during time.

In the end, we had a design that correlates to these themes, a tiny house that consists of two modules. The shielded module with the recovery area (bedroom, living room) that is completely shielded and the non-shielded module being the active installation area (kitchen, bathroom, working space) where all the utilities are and where appliances can be used and where space is not shielded. Both modules are 3x6 m and can be transported and connected on site. This module would act as an experimental lab, where testing could be done, where clients could stay and try its effectiveness

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